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Patent Search Australia Guide

Patent Searches Introduction

For an idea to be patentable, it must be novel and include an inventive step; furthermore it would be ideal to make a patent search in Australia. Pre-filing patent searches in Australia are conducted before embarking on the patenting process to obtain an initial indication of whether an idea is novel.

Some inventors think that their idea must be new because they haven't seen it on the market. However, patent databases contain thousands of patents on ideas that are never marketed; therefore a patent search in Australia would be very ideal. Furthermore conducting a, pre-filing patent search in Australia is an important step in mitigating the risk of spending money on a patent application for an idea that is not new.

Although Baxter IP can conduct a pre-filing patent search in Australia on your behalf, it is more cost effective for inventors to conduct patent searches in Australia themselves using free publicly available databases. This helpful guide is provided by Baxter IP to empower you with the knowledge you need to conduct a basic patent search in Australia efficiently and to review the patent documents found. In this guide, we cover the fundamental steps to complete a successful patent search in Australia.

This Patent Search Australia Guide covers:

- What Patent Databases Are Available?

- How To Conduct A Basic Patent Search in Australia

- How To Review Patent Documents

While it is important to note that this patent search Australia guide is not legal advice we do hope that you find it helpful in the process of researching your idea.


What Patent Databases Are Available?

There are numerous free patent databases accessible online and when selecting an appropriate database to use, it is important to consider the coverage of the database (i.e the countries the database covers). The following are some notable free patent databases:



Web address



80+ countries

Patent Lens

US, Europe, Australia, WIPO/PCT





Google Patents


Although we recommend searching as many free patent databases as possible, it is our experience that Esp@cenet provides an easy-to-use and powerful search engine coupled with a vast collection of patent documents from the major countries.

Figure 1 shows the Advanced Search function provided on the Esp@cenet database with the ability to search patent applications and granted patents from over 80 countries.

Patent Searching

It should be noted that for each database, searches can only be carried out on published patent applications and granted patents. Therefore searches will not include patent applications filed in the past 18 months in those countries (including: Australia, Europe, United Kingdom) that publish applications 18 months from their filing date. In some instances, these periods may be extended due to processing delays.


How To Conduct A Basic Patent Search in Australia?

The patent search Australia process comprises the following steps:

Summarise Your Idea Before Starting Your Australian Patent Search

Develop Keyword(s) When Patent Searching In Australia

Conducting The Search For A Patent Using Keyword(s)

Find The Relevant International Patent Classification (IPC) In Conducting a Search For Patents

Conducting Australian Patent Searches With Keyword(s) And IPC Code(s)


How to Review Patent Documents?

Carefully read and review each patent document(s) found in your search to determine if the patent document(s) is relevant. Reading and reviewing the title, abstract and diagrams of a patent document is generally a good way to quickly determine if the patent document is relevant or not but is certainly not a guarantee as to relevancy. If it is determined that the patent document is relevant, it is prudent to read the entire document to fully understand the scope of the disclosure.

Baxter IP offers a detailed review of patent documents service to determine whether your idea is novel in light of the patent documents you have identified.

Patent documents are reviewed on a professional time basis. Typically, the cost of conducting a detailed review of a patent document is about $360 (excl GST).

If after reviewing the relevant patent documents you can identify one or more important differences between your idea and the search results and would like to attempt to obtain a patent for your idea, then please do contact us so we can initiate the process for protecting your idea.

Our contact details are below:

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Phone: +61 2 9264 6716